A visit to ancient Nuku Hiva

Here is the sight of an ancient village.  Houses were constructed on two platforms, the lower one being the porch.  They were centered around a main park, or great common gathering lawn where both every day life and religious celebrations were held.  The priest lived at the highest point in the village, here marked by a banyan tree planted by one of the early priests of the tribe.  In his complex, he oversaw sacrifices and live captives.  The captives were kept in a deep pit in the ground at the roots of the banyan tree until they were fattened enough for sacrifice. 

The foundation of the Cheif's home.

A banyan tree planted at the highest point in the village by one of the early priests.

Ancient petroglyph.

The site of ancient sacrifices.

This hole was used for disposing of human bones.

An ancient jail under a banyan tree.

An ancient stone tiki.

Posted on May 2, 2015 .