Exploring Nuku Hiva: Surrounded by beauty

Some photos of our stay on the island

Pic of the month: “Bone to be a Princess.” Nuku Hiva's resident carver and sculptor has a wee one who likes to play with bones, but they still hold no candle to her trusty pacifier. Her dad uses these old animal bones to craft jewelry items with a dentist's tool, like the mini tiki shown in the next pic. The local Catholic churches commission him to carve hard-wood sculptures, such as the statue of St. Joseph and Jesus.

A local bone carver works on his latest creation, a miniature tiki charm.

It seems the details of international religious figures in different societies are depicted in terms of the local culture. Sometimes Jesus sports different skin tones, clothing, props, body types, and in this case, the Polynesian carving shows Jesus carrying a breadfruit. St. Joseph carries a traditional Polynesian adze, decorated in traditional Marquesan symbols.

A church bell on Nuku Hiva.

Acacia trees frame the mountains of Nuku Hiva.

Posted on April 29, 2015 .