Flags and a question about Dolphins

 Students from the Frank M. Sokolowski school in Chelsea, Massachusetts, U.S.A,  are studying up on their flags and getting ready to make their own class flag to send to Coconut Woman to fly on her shrouds.

Here's a few of their creations and a question from one of the students.

Eric's flag

Eric's flag

A Question

The Answer

Lesly, thanks for your question!  Yes, there are lots of dolphins in many places we sail.  Just for you, I will post a short video of our trip from Panama to Galapagos with a pod of 20 or more dolphins swimming alongside our boat!  The little ones like to play in our bow waves.  Every time we see a dolphin, I will let you know, Lesly! 

Posted on March 6, 2015 .