Impressions of Martinique : Heaven for lovers of French culture and sailboats

The charming town of Le Marin, French for the mariner, is low-key and well-kept.  The food is French, so we're happily basted in butter and stinky cheeses.  Only in the French importation hub of the Caribbean will you find $1 baguettes raining from the skies, waterfalls of decent French wine for $4, caviar for $12, and every kind of spreadable "pate" known to man.  Fresh local hydroponically-grown butter lettuce?!

Escaping the Trinidad boatyard to the charming mountainside bay in Le Marin, full of 1000 sailboats instead of petroleum company craft. The whole area is abuzz with sailors and vacation-charters of all ages and nationalities.  The town is clean, roads are well-maintained, road signage exists!,  pastries and crepes heavily flirt with dietary resolve, children tearing across the landside marina square on skateboards and trolleys, naked toddlers indulging in some splashing contests while cavorting in their inflatable baby pools dockside...Marin is a surprising and pleasant compromise between a posh-ish resort marina and a working one.  After all, sailors are here from all over the world, readying for their next voyages.

If all goes well, we depart Martinique bound for San Blas Islands just off the coast of Panama in less than two days.  Readying for this voyage has been one of the most challenging and eye-opening projects of our lives.  We approach this new chapter with childish giddiness and insurmountable humility.  Poseidon, take note!

Details and photographs of the final preparations the Blue Planet Odyssey fleet is making in Martinique can be found here.

Posted on January 12, 2015 .