“You can't always get what you want, but if you try sometimes, you might find, you get what you need.”- Mick Jagger

Keeping Coconut Woman well stocked is a constant adventure in itself. Here's what we have found, and not found.

Colon Panama

Evidently, if you buy so many groceries that you can't fit them into a Panamanian taxi, the Rey Gocery store gives you a free ride home in the store van.

Because this is our last provisioning run until May (!), we stocked up.  

Unexpected items you can find at Rey's, a mega size grocery store here in Colon:

  • beans that are green, but are not peas
  • literally 22 different brands of canned tuna, they take up half of an entire aisle
  • but ONLY sardines with tomato sauce, no other sauce or plane aer available—whaaat???
  • canned chicken with BBQ sauce—huh?
  • stale baguettes
  • lots of items with MSG in them
  • organic coconut oil—hurray!
  • yucca root for frying—we'll be feeding our Panamanian Pilot-adviser and line handlers some of these when they spend the night aboard on deck for the canal transit!  We are expected to feed them, and they will love us because we'll set up the hammocks for them on deck.  Usually, they just sleep on the floor!

Things you can't find at Rey's:

  • chickpeas!??
  • non-white breads
  • cat litter—eek

Of course some cute teen baggers at checkout offered to help us load the groceries into the van, then actually tried to pressure us into giving them each a $20 tip!  Not cute!