The Story of "Coconut Woman's" name

Justin and I met via mutual friends on a blind date to a cheesy Bacchanalia-theme party, New Years 2009.  Before we knew it, we found ourselves working on boats in the Caribbean and then back in Austin, pining again for open waters.  

One night, on the backroads of central Texas, we found that our depression was alleviated every time we hit "replay" on a certain Harry Belafonte song (same album as Day-O, Banana Boat, Jump In the Line, Shake Shake Senora, Get An Ugly Girl to Marry You, and Island in Sun).  

It was during about our fifth replay of this song that we hatched a plan to beef-up Justin's Islander 26, transport her to Padre Island, and start sailing her around in search of a solid sailing relationship and future together.  

The song that lifted our spirits out of those landlocked doldrums, and got us into all this trouble in the first place, was Harry Belafonte's "Coconut Woman."  

For those of you worried about proper renaming ceremonies, we had two, because we found her old name on a piece of gear and had to redo it.  Darn.  Both ceremonies were elaborate and covered all the bases!  Poseidon and the gods of all four winds enjoyed the official renaming prayers, wine, tequila, and dark chocolate offerings, not to mention the old name written on both former chainplates that were tossed into the ocean.  Yards of chiffon were employed to help Coconut Woman feel fabulous and awaken her "Sleeping Beauty-style" from her years of disuse and neglect.  She has never disappointed us since. 


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