Re-inventing the Wheel

Most landlubbers assume one of two things. Either we go bobbing about on a charming slacker life of sunsets and drinks with paper umbrellas in them, or we're insane swashbuckling salty dogs tackling high seas dangers amongst constant peril of an imminent shipwreck. 

The truth is our life aboard is nothing like either one. Well, at least not yet!

Because we didn't come from avid sailing families, nor did we know many sailors when we began our life aboard, we spent a lot of time re-inventing the wheel.

This doesn't mean we didn't receive barrels of unsolicited advice, but as the saying goes, “Those who say, don't know. And those who know, have to be asked.”

We are far from claiming expertise, if ever, but if you have any questions, we will do our best to provide you with some food for thought.

There are many ways to reinvent the wheel!

There are many ways to reinvent the wheel!

So send us questions you have about sailing, living aboard, keeping up crew morale, maintaining a boat, the places we've been, the cultures we've visited, the ocean, weather-routing, provisioning, family life aboard, pets aboard, where to look for spare parts in remote locations, how to receive packages, you name it.  

Kids, no question is a stupid question!  Ask away!  

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